Using your OPPO as a pre-amplifier

OPPO BDP-10x Universal Disc players are amazing Blu-ray players, CD/SA-CD players and network streamers but they can also be used as a digital pre-amplifier solution. Just add a stereo or multi-channel power amplifier and speakers for a high quality, high powered and minimalist HiFi solution. 

New BDP-10XAU-80-1031 firmware now available

We're excited to announce one of the biggest firmware updates yet.

The new official firmware version # BDP10XAU-80-1031 is now available for OPPO BDP-10x players and offers a host of additional features including additional streaming support and compatibility with TIDAL.

This release is for the OPPO BDP-103AU, BDP-103D, BDP-105AU and BDP-105D Blu-ray Disc players.

Network streaming - Media Control app

Media control

The OPPO MediaControl app is more than just a replacement remote for your Blu-ray player. It allows your tablet or smartphone complete control over your OPPO Blu-ray player. The app is able to browse media libraries, control playback of media files, and even turn the player on and off.

EISA Award - Best Hi-Fi Headphone 2014 - 2015



We're proud to announce that the European Imaging and Sound Association (EISA) have awarded the OPPO PM-1 headphones the Best Hi-Fi Headphone for 2014 - 2015.

"They may be the first headphones from a company with no history in the market but these open-back, isodynamic designs are a remarkable debut. Painstakingly engineered, each of the PM1’s planar magnetic drive units features a seven-layer, yet thin, diaphragm with flat aluminium conductors on both sides. What’s more, these conductors follow a spiral pattern in a bid to maximise the spread and evenness of the driving force. It’s a design that not only saves weight but one that results in a huge leap in sensitivity compared with rivals. Add hefty yet superbly even bass and a lusciousness with richly recorded material and the PM-1 can rightly be described as the most exciting new headphones to have been released this year."


Click here for more information.

Alternative PM-1 Ear Pads


After the release of the PM-1, we received feedback from some customers about their desire for increased treble response. Based on this feedback, our acoustic designer has come up with a new ear pad design that has slightly elevated treble response while maintaining excellent bass and midrange performance. The PM-1 will have the original pads installed by default, and the new design will be included as an alternative set for users who want a bit more treble.

New updates for MediaControl app and HA-1 Control app released!

We've got some cool new updates and releases of software for Blu-ray players and the new HA-1 headphone amplifier. There's a few new features for the Blu-ray MediaControl app, including iOS 7.0 optimisation, greater support for Darbee players and a manual IP input. For those looking forward to the HA-1, the Bluetooth Control app is already available.

Digital Audio Review's four part in-depth coverage of the PM-1s, start to finish

"Handling the PM-1 rubs in how despite being a maiden product in its category, its maker had both the resources and required diligence to cover the lot with such aplomb." The PM-1s got a full run-through with Digital Audio Review in their four part coverage, released over the last couple of weeks. Spanning from the initial concept through to detailed comparisons with other planar magnetic 'phones, this in-depth review is a great way to get to know the PM-1s.


PM-1 gets a well-deserved 5 stars from Tech Radar

"...all you want is for them to sound interstellar. They do." Tech Radar got an out-of-this-world performance from the new OPPO PM-1 Planar Magnetic headphones. With any source they're able to impress, but they insist that to get the best, you need the best - in terms of source material and amplification.

Tell us what you think for a free OPPO doll!

At OPPO, there's nothing we like more than hearing what you think. It helps us more than you'd know! If there's something you think that could be improved, tell us and you may find a patch for it on the next firmware update. We'll even give you a free OPPO doll to say thanks.

OPPO players and the fabled DSD format

We've had a lot of people asking us for a breakdown of what DSD is and how they can use it with their OPPO player. The good news is, all of our players are DSD compatible. We're here to help you find out how to make the most of it.

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